Students are able to charge their textbook purchases, made at the MSOE Bookstore, to their MSOE student account and will be billed for these charges on a subsequent monthly invoice. Students must present their MSOE student ID to the bookstore when purchasing their textbooks. This purchasing method is available to students during the two weeks before the term begins through the Tuesday of the second week (Please note that you must wait at least 24 hours after you have registered before you can charge your books this way).

Students can only charge books and supplies to their account; students cannot charge MSOE apparel or souvenirs to their account. Book slips are a privilege, a service we gladly provide to our students. What a book slip is not, is a right! Anyone abusing the usage of a book slip, will have their privileges revoked. Please do not abuse this privilege.

Also keep in mind your book slip purchases will not be on the initial invoice you receive in the beginning of each quarter. The book charges will be on the second invoice sent after charges are posted during the 1st week of classes.