You are not alone. This is a common feeling among students but you don’t have to feel this way. It is a misconception that only certain majors, genders or ethnicities receive scholarship funds. That’s right, it’s a myth! There is scholarship money out there for everyone!

Not sure where to look for scholarship opportunities? Here are a few great
resources to use when searching for scholarships:

High School Guidance Counselors
Guidance Counselors are a great reference for local scholarships in your area.

Local Organizations
If you are a member of an organization, see if they offer a scholarship. If they don’t, see if similar groups do. For example if you are a bowler, see if your league or bowling alley has a scholarship, but don’t stop there. Call other national bowling organizations and other bowling alleys as well. But don’t stop there! Contact bowling suppliers and bowling product manufacturers. You might be amazed with what turns up.

MSOE Financial Aid Office
Donors will notify us of scholarships, and we notify students of these opportunities via our listserv. Be sure to keep checking your email for great scholarship opportunities!

Private Scholarship Web Sites
There are many sites available to search for scholarships. Most of these databases are programmed very simply. For example they would not direct any “science” scholarships to individuals who are searching for “engineering” or “nursing” as a major. Be sure to think broad when searching for