Your financial aid eligibility and charges are based on your schedule as of Friday of week 1 at 4:30pm. Any changes made to your schedule after week 1 could potentially result in the loss of financial aid and/or an unexpected balance owed to MSOE. If you have any questions about how your schedule change will impact your financial aid award, please contact the Financial Aid Office first!

Dropping below full-time status: Undergraduate students not enrolled in at least 12 credits per quarter are ineligible to receive their MSOE scholarships or grants for that quarter. Federal and state grants will be prorated based on the student’s enrollment. If you drop below full-time status prior to Friday of week 1 at 4:30 pm you will be charged per credit. However, if you drop below full-time status after Friday of week 1 you will still be charged full-time tuition even though you are taking less than 12 credits.

Withdrawing from all classes: Students who withdraw from all classes after the first week of school may not be eligible to receive all of the financial aid that was initially awarded. Students who withdraw or stop attending all courses prior to completing a minimum of 60% of a quarter will be required to repay the “unearned portion” of the funds received. In addition, a portion of the award that was used to pay for tuition, fees, books, etc. may also need to be repaid to the school. This is a federal regulation and only applies to students who withdraw from all classes. This does not apply to students who successfully complete at least one course in the quarter. Please visit our Refund Policy page for more information.

Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy for MSOE Financial Aid Recipients: In accordance with federal regulations, financial aid recipients are required to complete a minimum percentage of credits attempted, as well as maintain a cumulative grade point average (CGPA) that would lead to the attainment of a degree. Students must successfully complete at least 67% of cumulative credits attempted (this is also referred to as “pace”). Attempted credits include successfully completed credits (grades A-D), earned F’s, incompletes, withdrawals and courses that were grade replaced. Completed credits include successfully completed credits (grades A-D). Students must also maintain a 2.0 CGPA. Students who have not maintained a 2.0 CGPA or have not completed at least 67% of cumulative credits attempted at the end of a quarter will be placed on Financial Aid Warning. While on Financial Aid Warning, the student is still eligible for financial aid, but the student must reestablish a 2.0 CGPA or meet the minimum pace requirement by the end of their next quarter of attendance. If they do, the Financial Aid Warning is lifted; if they do not, their financial aid is suspended for their next quarter of attendance. Students can appeal the suspension of their financial aid. For a more thorough explanation of the Satisfactory Academic Progress Policy, please visit our website.