In this age of cell phones and computers that change the time on their own, there's a good chance you didn't have to physically turn back any clocks this weekend. But, whether you changed a clock this weekend or not, we did gain an extra hour. What better way to spend that hour than applying for some scholarships? They say time is money, so go on and use that free hour of time to earn some free money!




New scholarships added

AFE Milwaukee Chapter 12 Scholarship: for freshmen, sophomores, and juniors

New Faces of Engineering Scholarship: for juniors, seniors, and 5th years

University Language Services Scholarship: for high school students

$30,000 Stokes Educational Scholarship Program: for high school seniors


MSOE-only scholarships DUE this week (November 6th)

$4,000 EAA Chapter 838 Scholarship: for freshmen & sophomore ME, EE, CE, & SE students

$10,000 United Conveyor Corporation Scholarship: for sophomore, junior, & senior ME students


Best of luck to all who apply, and happy Money Monday!