The combination of the network finally being back up (and being able to do work), the polar vortex, and a still-enduring sadness following the Packer loss delayed me getting Money Monday out yesterday, and for that I apologize. However, if there is one thing I've learned from those three events, it is that students are on the Hub.


I read through the spirited debates about whether school should have been cancelled and it filled me with optimism. Why? Because you're discussing institutional policy, you're discussing privilege and what it means, and you're discussing your rights and responsibilities as students. As somebody who participated in protests, wrote letters to administration, and participated in sit-ins and teach-ins as a student during my undergraduate career, it makes me feel more connected to you students here.


Before I run the risk of saying something deep and substantial, let me throw in this image, and then introduce you to the scholarships this week.



Special Event
Scholarship presentation with FREE Pizza. Next Monday (1-13-14), noon, multipurpose room. BE THERE. Click Here for more info.


NEW Today
Students interested in Energy & Energy Careers: WAEE Scholarships, DUE January 18th, 2014

$1,000 Scholarship for Milwaukee & Ozaukee County Residents: DUE January 31st, 2014

MSOE Students Only: $5,000 Snap-on Scholarship, DUE February 5th, 2014

Posted During Break (in case you missed them- these are HUGE)

$7,500 Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship - DUE January 24th, 2014

MSOE Students Only: $3000 Boldt Company Scholarship - DUE January 27th, 2014

Best of luck to all who apply!