For once, I'm going to be totally serious. Today is a very special day: Martin Luther King Jr. Day. While he was certainly a prominent civil rights leader, he also was dedicated to community, service, and education. Ideally, we should strive to work together, build equality, and strengthen our communities every day. So while you might ponder why you are in school today when many other schools are not, take at what he said about education:



Embrace the opportunity to receive education as a gift, and use it to make the world a better place. People are willing to pay it forward to you to accomplish your goals, so see the generosity of others as a gift too and apply for a scholarship today.


Added Today

CVE Students: $3,000 Scholarship - DUE February 10th, 2014

Incoming Freshman: Are you tall? Win a $1,000 Scholarship! DUE February 15th, 2014

Any Engineering Field: $5000 Steinman Scholarship- DUE March 1st, 2014

High School Seniors: $5000 Diversity in Engineering Scholarship - DUE March 1st, 2014

Due This Week

ME Students: $2,000 Penneco Scholarship, DUE TOMORROW (1-21-14)

Barry M. Goldwater Scholarship - DUE January 24th, 2014

MSOE-only Scholarships

$3000 Boldt Company Scholarship - DUE January 27th, 2014

BioE Students Only: Northern Waters Scholarship - DUE February 13th

Best of luck to all who apply!