The Grammys were Sunday, The State of the Union Address is tonight, and the Superbowl is this coming Sunday. What a week for television, pop culture, and memes! I don't think we've quite figured out what was under Pharrell's hat, though Buzzfeed has some interesting theories here and here. I'm going to pretend that it's filled with scholarship dollars for you all because I'm a cool (if cool means nerdy of course) Financial Aid Counselor like that.



Scholarships Added Today

FAA Scholarships, Due February 1st

$2,500 Robert B. Oliver Scholarship, Due February 15th

$2,500 scholarship for sophomore engineers, Due February 15th

American Welding Society Scholarships, Due February 15th

MSOE-only: Saint-Gobain Endowed Scholarship, Due February 25th

MSOE-only: Weimer Industries Engineering Scholarship, Due February 26th

MSOE-only: Weimer Industries Business Development Scholarship, Due February 26th


Due This Week

$1,000 Scholarship for Milwaukee & Ozaukee County Residents: DUE January 31st

ANS Scholarships: DUE Feb 1st

Current & Prospective IE Students: Autodesk Scholarship - DUE February 1st

ME & IE Students from WI: Lawrence A. Wacker Memorial Scholarship- DUE February 1st

FAA Scholarships: DUE Feb 1st

Currently Available MSOE-Only Scholarships

Snap-on Scholarship, Due Feb 5th
Northern Waters Scholarship, Due Feb 13th

Saint-Gobain Endowed Scholarship, Due Feb 25th

Weimer Industries Engineering Scholarship, Due Feb 26th

Weimer Industries Business Development Scholarship, Due Feb 26th


Best of luck to all who apply!