For the first time that I can remember in my life, I was actually bored watching a Super Bowl. I mean, even the commercials weren't that great this year. So, you're probably looking for some excitement this Monday. Well, thanks to me, you've got it! Check out these scholarships and look at all of the MSOE one's we're sponsoring right now too. Many come with internships, and what's more exciting than getting free money for school AND earning a paycheck?


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Added Today

AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship- DUE February 15th

High School Seniors: $2,000 APCA Scholarships, DUE February 15th

Current & Prospective Nursing Students: Two Scholarships from the DAR- DUE February 15, 2014

WI High School Seniors: Wisconsin Title I Association Student Scholarship, DUE February 17th

MSOE EE Students: $2,000 Hamilton Family Foundation Scholarship- DUE February 24th

All Grades, All Majors: $1,000 Frame My Future Scholarship- DUE March 5, 2014

MSOE Incoming Engineering Students: $5,000 Daniel J. Moceri Scholarship- DUE March 7

MSOE Incoming ME Students ONLY: $5,000 Precision Plus Scholarships, DUE April 1, 2014

All MSOE-Specific Scholarships

Snap-on Scholarships - DUE THIS WEEK (2-5-14)

Northern Waters Scholarship - Due 2-13-14

Hamilton Family Foundation Scholarship - Due 2-24-14

Saint-Gobain Scholarship - Due 2-25-14

Weimer Industries Engineering Scholarship - Due 2-26-14

Weimer Industries Business Development Scholarship - Due 2-26-14

Daniel J. Moceri, '76 Scholarship - Due 3-7-14

Precision Plus, Inc. Scholarship - Due 4-1-14


Due This Week

MSOE Students Only: $5,000 Snap-on Scholarship, DUE February 5th, 2014

Best of luck to all who apply!