Love is in the air. And by love I mean arctic winds, snow, and a general pleading to the Weather Gods for warmer temperatures.



Maybe actual love is in the air for you this week with it being Valentine's Day on Friday and all. No matter your romantic status, I think you'll enjoy the photos in this post as well as the scholarships available. Show some self-love this Valentine's Day and give yourself the best gift of all: free money and a less stressful education!



Added Today

$2,000 Community Service/Volunteering Scholarship- DUE February 28th
Current Nursing Students: $2,000 Scholarship- DUE March 1st
High School Seniors & College Freshman: Peace Scholarship- DUE March 1st
College Students: $20,000 NIH Scholarship- DUE March 3rd
WI High School Seniors: Student of Integrity Scholarship- DUE March 3rd
MSOE ME Students Only: $3000 Thomas J. Stobbs/TLX Technologies Scholarship- DUE March 6th
MSOE ME Students Only: $4,000 WAICU/ATI-Ladish Scholarship - DUE March 7th


eminem.jpgMSOE-Only Scholarships Available

Snap-on Scholarship - DUE TODAY
Northern Waters Scholarship - Due 2-13-14
Hamilton Family Foundation Scholarship - Due 2-24-14
Saint-Gobain Scholarship - Due 2-24-14
Weimer Industries Business Development Scholarship - Due 2-26-14
Weimer Industries Engineering Scholarship - Due 2-26-14
Thomas J. Stobbs/TLX Technologies Scholarship - Due 3-6-14
WAICU/ATI-Ladish Scholarship - Due 3-7-14
Daniel J. Moceri Scholarship - Due 3-7-14
Precision Plus Scholarship - Due 4-1-14



Due This Week

DUE TODAY (2-10-14): MSOE Students Only: $5,000 Snap-on Scholarship
DUE TODAY: CVE Students: $3,000 Scholarship - DUE February 10th, 2014
MSOE BioE Students Only: Northern Waters Scholarship - DUE February 13th
Incoming Freshman: Are you tall? Win a $1,000 Scholarship! DUE February 15th, 2014
Interested in NDT? $2,500 Robert B. Oliver Scholarship- DUE February 15, 2014
Sophomore Engineers: $2500 Scholarship DUE February 15, 2014
American Welding Society Scholarships: DUE February 15, 2014
AFA Teens for Alzheimer’s Awareness College Scholarship- DUE February 15th
High School Seniors: $2,000 APCA Scholarships, DUE February 15th
Current & Prospective Nursing Students: Two Scholarships from the DAR- DUE February 15, 2014


Best of luck to all who apply!

And now, your rewards for reading all the way through: