Happy March! It feels like spring outside and Leonardo DiCaprio finally won an Oscar last night! Approximately 0% of what I just said is true, you caught me. But what is true is how many great scholarship opportunities are available for you right here in this post. How do I know this? Some are open to all majors and don't even have a GPA cut off. No excuses; make something of your break week and apply!



Added Today

Professional Women in Building Scholarship
National Housing Endowment Build your Future Scholarship
Nursing students/students with health care career interests: $1,500 Honey Lake Hospice Scholarship
All students, all majors, NO GPA: Project Yellow Light Scholarship
High School & College Engineering Students: $5,000 Nuts, Bolts & Thingamajigs Scholarship
High School & College Students, ALL MAJORS: Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship
CVE students: $10,000 ASDSO Scholarship

MSOE-Specific Scholarships
Weimer Industries Engineering Scholarship (EE, CE, ME, SE)- DUE TODAY
Weimer Industries Business Development Scholarship (BM, TC)- DUE TODAY
Thomas J. Stobbs '85/TLX Technologies Scholarship (ME)- Due March 6, 2014 (THIS WEEK)
Daniel J. Moceri Scholarship (Current High School Seniors, any engineering)- Due March 7, 2014 (THIS WEEK)
WAICU/ATI-Ladish Scholarship (ME)- Due March 7, 2014 (THIS WEEK)

Bruno Independent Living Aids Scholarship (EE)- Due March 17, 2014
Helwig Carbon Scholarship (ME & EE)- Due March 17, 2014
Precision Plus Scholarship (Current High School Seniors, ME)- Due April 1, 2014

Scholarships Due This Week
MSOE EE, CE, SE, ME Students: Weimer Industries Engineering Scholarship, DUE TODAY
MSOE BM & TC (and EE, CE, ME, SE) Students: Weimer Industries Business Development Scholarship, DUE TODAY
$20,000 NIH Undergraduate Scholarship- DUE TODAY
High School Seniors: BBB Student of Integrity Scholarship- DUE TODAY
All Grades, All Majors: $1,000 Frame My Future Scholarship- DUE March 5, 2014
MSOE ME Students Only: $3000 Thomas J. Stobbs '85/TLX Technologies Scholarship, DUE March 6th, 2014
For High School Seniors coming to MSOE: $5,000 Daniel J. Moceri Scholarship- DUE March 7
MSOE ME Students Only: $4,000 WAICU/ATI-Ladish Scholarship - DUE March 7th

CE, EE, IE, ME students: $3000 AIST Willy Korf Memorial Fund, DUE March 8th, 2014

spring break wi.png

Best of luck to all who apply! Enjoy break week!