Welcome back to the final quarter of the 2013-2014 school year! Campus is busy again and it got up to 55 degrees yesterday. Life is good. Want to know how life could be even better? By winning free money for school and scoring a paid summer internship! Before school gets too hectic, apply to one of these scholarships.


And, don't forget, MSOE's priority FAFSA deadline is this Saturday, March 15th. To be sure you can be awarded all of the need-based aid you are eligible for, submit your FAFSA this week - even if you have to use estimated tax information! If you have any FAFSA questions, please contact the Financial Aid Office!


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Added Today
All majors: $2,000 CSHEMA Scholarship - DUE March 31, 2014

College & High School Students: $,5000 Cognizant Making the Future scholarship - DUE March 31, 2014

High School & College Engineering Students: $3,500 International Aluminum Extrusion Design Competition - DUE March 31, 2014

Business students: $500 AfterCollege Business Student Scholarship - DUE March 31, 2014

High School Seniors & College Freshman: $2,000 Renewable Herbert Lehman Education Fund Scholarship - DUE March 31, 2014
Current Engineering Students: $2,000 Buildium’s Build U. Scholarship - DUE April 1, 2014

MSOE-Only Scholarships - Paid Summer Internships HERE!
$4,500 Bruno Independent Living Aids Scholarship (EE students) - DUE March 17th, 2014
$11,500 Helwig Carbon Scholarship (EE & ME students) - DUE March 17, 2014
DEADLINE EXTENDED, DUE 3-17-14: For High School Seniors coming to MSOE: $5,000 Daniel J. Moceri Scholarship
MSOE Incoming ME Students ONLY: $5,000 Precision Plus Scholarships, DUE April 1, 2014

Scholarships Due this Week
High School Seniors: USPAACC Scholarships for $2,500 to $5,000- DUE March 14, 2014
Professional Women in Building Scholarship - DUE March 14, 2014
Pulte Group/National Housing  Endowment Build Your Future Scholarship - DUE March 14, 2014
Nursing students/students with health care career interests: $1,500 Honey Lake Hospice Scholarship - DUE March 15, 2014

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Best of luck to all who apply for scholarships, and submit your FAFSA this week!