If you've been following the Money Monday blog for a while, you know that I have posted a wide variety of scholarships. This week, I'm giving you all the tools you need to search for scholarships on your own. The Hub will still be the only place to find and know about MSOE-specific scholarships, but you know you better than I do and only you know all the things that make you unique that could translate into scholarship eligibility!


I have already posted a detailed Scholarship Presentation that highlights how to discover what scholarships you qualify for, where to find them, how to make a strong application, and all the resources available at MSOE for scholarship help. Please see that, but here I will briefly detail qualifications and how to find scholarships.


If you have an interest, hobby, skill, achievement, or qualification there is probably a scholarship for it. Don't believe me? Maybe you are really into bowling, gaming, animal protection, sandwich making, Ayn Rand, vegetarianism or water skiing. The possibilities are truly endless.


Beyond doing a Google search for "scholarships for X", there are other ways to find scholarships that you qualify for. There are many free websites you are able to sign up for that have you fill out a profile and then show your scholarships you are eligible for. The more completely you fill out your profile or the more specifically you search, the better your results will be. Here are some websites to look into:

If there are others you use, leave a note in the comment section!


A final place to look for scholarships isn't a place per se, but rather a concept. THINK LOCAL. Consider the town or city you are from and what it has to offer: civic groups, societies, local non-profits and groups, churches, businesses, and more. Consider where your relatives work, especially if it is any kind of union or has a professional society attached. Many of these kinds of scholarships may not be posted online at all but rather through flyers, newsletters, or announcements in local papers. Keep your eyes and ears open!


Scholarships are out there for every kind of student! Find them today and start applying!


MSOE-Specific Scholarships

CLOSED: Rick & Josh Kemp Memorial Scholarship, Due on 9-9-14


Scholarships Due This Week

CLOSED: Choice Home Scholarship, Due on 8-15-14

CLOSED: Freedom Scholarship Essay Contest, Due on 8-15-14

EVERYBODY: $5,000 Award for re-designing TSA Security Lines - DUE August 15th, 2014

CLOSED: La Jolla LASIK National Scholarship, Due on 8-17-14