Sometimes I read things and I lose a bit of faith in humanity. So that last sentence was perhaps a bit dramatic, but just look at these gems I found today: Urban Outfitters sells a "vintage" Kent State sweatshirt with blood spatter pattern, Olive Garden is tanking and accused of serving too many breadsticks, the Miss America Pageant misspelled Jane Austen, and then of course all the hard-hitting stuff like ISIS and the NFL's woes. Yikes.


Luckily, Money Monday is here to help you gain some faith in humanity and maybe even some cash too! There are people out there who want to give you money, and in some cases a paid internship, to complete your education.  All you have to do is apply!


olive garden.jpgAdded Today

Wisconsin Residents: $750 WETA Scholarships - DUE September 30th, 2014

Nursing Students: $1,000 Virginia “Bea” Root Nursing Scholarship - DUE October 1st, 2014

All college students: $500 12 Keys Essay Scholarship - DUE October 1st, 2014

All students high school senior through college: $500 AES Engineering Scholarship - DUE October 6th, 2014


MSOE-Specific Scholarships

$2,000 EAA Chapter 838 Scholarship - DUE September 26th, 2014

$5,000 Modine Manufacturing Company Scholarship - DUE October 13th, 2014

$5,000 N.E.W. Industries Scholarship - DUE October 13th, 2014

$6250 Peter I. Georgeson Scholarship - DUE October 13th, 2014




Best of luck to those who apply!