Another Monday, another weekend gone, and another round of scholarships. But today is an extra special Monday, because we have a Financial Aid Event with FREE LUNCH! for you today at noon! Grab some free pizza, learn about student loans and money management, and then apply to a scholarship or two. Look at how much money stuff is happening today; it's like there's a reason we call it "Money Monday!"



Added Today

Are your parents in MCANCW Local 400, MCANW Local 434, or work for MCANW? $1,000-$2,000 Scholarships - DUE November 1st,…

High School Seniors: Intel Science Talent Search Scholarship - DUE November 12th, 2014

ALL Ages & Majors: STEM Poster Contest Scholarship - DUE November 14th, 2014

Jr, Sr, & 5th Year Engineers: $1,000 New Faces of Engineering Scholarship - DUE November 14th, 2014

Institute of Industrial Engineers Scholarships - DUE November 15th, 2014

AFCEA Military Personnel Scholarships - DUE November 15th, 2014

$5,000 Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women - DUE November 14th, 2014

Women in Aviation Scholarships ranging from $1,000 - $45,000. Must be member by November 1st & Scholarships DUE November…

Seniors in Construction-related programs: $1,000 AGC's James L. Allhands Essay Competition - DUE November 17th, 2014


MSOE-Only Scholarships

MSOE Students ONLY: $6,250 Plexus Corporation Scholarship - DUE October 30th, 2014

MSOE EE, CE, IE, ME, & SEs ONLY: $5,000 Neenah Enterprises Scholarship - DUE October 31st, 2014


Due This Week

Students aged 18-24, ALL majors: Dr. Pepper Tuition Giveaway - DUE October 20th, 2014

High School Seniors: $22,000 Horatio Alger Scholarship - DUE October 25th, 2014


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Love pizza, get money.


Best of luck to those who apply!