As far as Mondays go, this one is pretty great. The weather isn't too cold yet (but winter IS coming), Thanksgiving break is now a tangible goal instead of a far away hope, and Aaron Rodgers has once again proven he is a Football God amongst men. So, I'm keeping my words short and sweet but posting lots of new scholarships today. In honor of number 12, here are 12 scholarships for you to apply for!


happy_rodgers.gifAdded Today

ALL students aged 13-25: $1,000 "Slam behind the Curtain" Scholarship - DUE November 30th, 2014

College Engineers interested in an HVAC&R profession: $3,000 - $10,000 ASHRAE Scholarships - DUE December 1st, 2014

Nursing Students: Coursey Enterprises Scholarship - DUE December 1st, 2014

High School Srs. through Grad Students: $10,000 National Space Club Keynote Scholar Application - DUE December 2nd, 2014

College Jr. Engineers: $10,000 Robert H. Goddard Memorial Scholarship - DUE December 2nd, 2014

High School Jrs. & Srs. ALL Majors: $1,000 P.L.A.Y Scholarship - DUE December 3rd, 2014

High School Seniors ALL Majors: $4,000 - $50,000 Elks Most Valuable Student Scholarship - DUE December 5th, 2014

High School Students: $5,000 We the Students Scholarship - DUE December 5th, 2014

College Jrs. & Srs. ALL Majors: $5,000 Elie Wiesel Foundation Prize in Ethics - DUE December 8th, 2014

CVE Students: $1,000 Wisconsin Concrete Pavement Association Scholarship - DUE December 12th, 2014

Students interested in railway engineering: AREMA Scholarships- DUE December 12th, 2014

High School Seniors of ALL majors: $25,000 AXA Achievement Scholarship - DUE December 15th, 2014



Due This Week

High School Seniors: Intel Science Talent Search Scholarship - DUE November 12th, 2014

ALL Ages & Majors: STEM Poster Contest Scholarship - DUE November 14th, 2014

Jr, Sr, & 5th Year Engineers: $1,000 New Faces of Engineering Scholarship - DUE November 14th, 2014

$5,000 Delphix Technology Scholarship for Women - DUE November 14th, 2014

AFCEA Military Personnel Scholarships - DUE November 15th, 2014

Institute of Industrial Engineers Scholarships - DUE November 15th, 2014

CLOSED: Stokes Educational Scholarship Program, Due on 11-15-15



Best of luck to all who apply!