Congratulations on making it through the first quarter of the 2014-2015 school year! Maybe this is your first term ever in college, or maybe you are graduating this Saturday. Whatever the case, it is my sworn duty to provide you with some comedic relief during finals week. In fact, with the exception of Valentine's Day when I post ridiculously bad Valentine's Day cards, finals week is my favorite posting of the year. And lucky for me and you, we're at a quarter school so I get 3 chances instead of just 2. Take THAT, semester schools!

If you're here reading this you're already procrastinating, so go the distance and apply for one of these scholarships!


study.gif(Step 1: Find a way to study that works for you)




Scholarships Added This Week

High School Jrs. through college Srs. ALL majors: Courage to Grow Scholarship - RECURRING Scholarship due the last day o…

College Students: Full tuition + stipend SMART Scholarships - DUE December 15th, 2014

ALL Majors, College Freshman through Juniors: America Dream Award Scholarship - DUE December 15th, 2014

High School Seniors: $1,500 - $2,000 WI Society of Professional Engineers Scholarships - DUE December 22nd, 2014

Nursing Students: $2,500 AfterCollege/AACN Scholarship - DUE December 31st, 2014


business.gif(Step 2: Enthusiastically dive in)



sheldon.gif(Step 3: After a few hours you might start to get frustrated)

know nothing.gif
(Step 4: You may start to feel defeated. But don't give up because...)



Scholarships Due This Week

High School Seniors Through College: $4,000 Women in Transportation Scholarships - DUE November 21st, 2014

Students who plan to enroll in a PhD Program for Fall 2015: Ford Foundation Fellowship- DUE November 19th, 2014

Freshman through Juniors: $1,000 - $2,000 AFE Milwaukee Chapter 12 Scholarships- DUE November 21st, 2014

Women in Aviation Scholarships ranging from $1,000 - $45,000. Must be member by November 1st & Scholarships DUE November…

Seniors in Construction-related programs: $1,000 AGC's James L. Allhands Essay Competition - DUE November 17th, 2014


Time for Step 5, walking in to that exam with utmost confidence!


These exams might be pushing you to your limits but you're almost there!


Afterwards, you aren't really sure what happened.


But it's ok! Because when your exams are done you get to go home and sleep!pika.gif

And then eat ALL OF THE FOOD for Thanksgiving.




See, not so bad after all!


Best of luck to those who apply for scholarships, and best of luck to all on your exams! Enjoy your break week next week and we look forward to seeing you ready to go for Winter Quarter in two weeks!