With the winter term slowing down and registration in full-swing, you may have noticed that your spring schedule is looking a little bare. Perhaps you have a few hours between classes, days completely off of school, or are just looking to pick something else up. Look no further than student employment!

Check out the 6 W's of student employment and get applying!

You, silly! Well, or any student who is currently enrolled at MSOE. Graduates, undergraduates, incoming students, you name it! If you're an incoming student, keep in mind that you cannot start working until you have officially started classes.

Student employment, of course! We have various opportunities to help fit your needs. Like an office atmosphere? Check out one of our office assistance positions! Like to tackle technology issues? The Help Desk or IT may be right for you. Like working with children? Boys and Girls Club or Discovery World may be right up your alley. Just remember, when jobs fill up we take them down from our site. So even if you don't see anything you like now, you may find something next month!

RIGHT NOW!! Yes, you can apply for a job right after you read this! But in terms of working, MSOE offers academic year positions and summer positions, meaning you could potentially work year-round.

Like I said above, you can either work on-campus or at one of our off-campus community service sites. For off-campus sites, we try to offer positions that are walking-distance to MSOE. Some positions do have multiple locations where students can drive or ride the bus to get to.

You can look for and apply for jobs at www.msoe.edu/workstudy. Just make sure you remember if you selected an academic year position or a summer position! Submit your application, complete an interview, get hired and then touch base with Human Resources for any paperwork you may need in order to start working.

Working on campus is fun, gives you great experience and you get that green stuff everyone keeps talking about... MONEY!


So don't wait- apply today! Current open positions are as follows:


Boys & Girls Club- Academic Assistant/Tutor

Discovery World- Educational Aide

Milwaukee Center for Independence- Administrative Assistance/Data Entry Payroll

IT- Assistant Network Technician

IT- Assistant Systems Administrator