It’s a Tuesday. You just got out of a class and have an hour until your next, so you decide to sit down on a couch in the CC and pull out your laptop. You’re navigating the many different pages of Hub, trudging through all the discussions, status updates, and blog posts like you would through a field of tall grass, looking for something interesting.

Eventually, you stumble upon something. It’s a link on your news feed. “Sounds interesting,” you think to yourself as you move your cursor closer to it. You decide to click on the link, and suddenly…


Welcome to Tim Tuesdays, the newest blog here on Hub!

My name is Tim Valley, and I am the Vice President of Enrollment Management as well as the new Dean of Students here at MSOE. On two Tuesdays each month this school year I will be writing posts in my blog that I hope will be interesting, relatable, and encouraging to you.

I’ll kick my blog off by telling you all a little about me, the Tim behind Tim Tuesdays. I grew up in Janesville, Wisconsin. I was a first generation college student. My original intention was to study Political Science at the University of Wisconsin-La Crosse. However, when I learned that my then-girlfriend was also going to be attending that school, I decided to go to UW Stevens Point.

I became interested in college personnel and student development in the time following my freshman year when I became a resident assistant, an assistant hall director, and a summer orientation assistant. I also met my wife, Coleen, at Stevens Point. I remember one point in our relationship after we had gotten to know each other well and began spending a lot of time together when Coleen asked me, “What are we? Are we dating?” I very eloquently responded, “Um… well, um… well, you’re cool!”

When it came time for me to graduate, I thought I still wanted to be a history teacher. I soon realized that about 120 different people were applying for each opening I stumbled across, so, after some encouragement from a friend, I decided to go to Iowa State for my Master’s in Higher Ed Administration.

I had a great job while I was attending Iowa State as a hall director for 3 combined buildings on campus overseeing about 540 guys. I was known around the hall by my “uniform”: a pair of sweatpants and a polka dot hat I wore backwards. I lived in an apartment in the residence hall; each of the 12 RAs I oversaw had a key, so I would often enter to find guys sleeping on my couches and in my bed or making things in the kitchen. A lot of basketball was played and a lot of pizza was eaten! My wife moved in after we were married and was the only woman in the entire building; she would often give the RAs advice on clothes and relationships.

After working in other jobs in education, I came to MSOE as a consultant to review admissions processes. Eventually, I got an offer to move up to my current position, Vice President of Enrollment Management. Just recently I decided to also step up to the role of Dean of Students. I have also been working toward my PhD in Higher Education for about the past 6 years and successfully defended my thesis just yesterday! I currently live in Oconomowoc with my wife Coleen and my five kids: McKenzie, Colin, Sienna, Danielle, and Timmy.

I hope this introductory post gave you a little insight into your new Dean of Students’ history and what brought me to where I am today. Now, it’s your turn to talk. In which direction would you like my blog to go? What would you like me to talk about? I already have a few ideas, but I would love to hear some feedback. Leave a comment on this post and let me know!