The Maker Faire was in Milwaukee this past weekend.  (If you read my last blog post, you know how much I love this city!) An event to celebrate inventions that is has been recreated around the country, with the World Maker Faire being held in New York a few weekends ago.  But why am I highlighting this?  Because it hits on every single major MSOE offers.  After reading about and watching several videos about the inventions and what inspired the inventors, it made me think.  Where can a background in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) take you?  And perhaps more importantly, as an MSOE student, where do YOU want to go?  What have you dreamed of?


The world is vast and full of opportunities, challenges and growth.  As students who have chosen the STEM field for a profession (and you all have), you will have the chance to impact the world like no other generation before you.  The amazing feats you will accomplish have yet to be invented or possibly even thought of. Having your education anchored in STEM provides you with the advantage to be the leaders of tomorrow today.  I know that sounds cliché but yet, it is true.


I understand it can be nerve-racking when you have to choose your major and you aren’t 100% sure this is what you would like to do.  The MSOE campus has resources to help you figure that out.  You can visit Counseling Services in the Kern Center, join a student organization to test things out or simply sit and talk with professors about what they have done to accomplish their goals.  Just know one thing – a STEM education can lead you to a STEM career.  And a STEM career is a much broader net than you may realize.


Yes, you will likely put in more homework and project hours than your counterparts who are focused on something outside of a STEM field.  Yes, it may feel more difficult because what you are working on, perhaps, has not been done before. The work now will pay off later.  Trust me!  There are plenty of reports stating the great salaries you can make. You don’t have to work at a college to be aware of the positive financial impacts that will come your way.


I think the reward is bigger than a fatter wallet.  I think the discoveries you will make, the lives that you will touch, the businesses you will lead are the real reward.  For every Calculus, Physics, Design and Writing course you take, you are changing the world.  You are making it better for us all.  That is the reward and that is where I believe YOU want to go.


I want to hear from you. What interested you to follow a STEM career path? What are you hoping to do with your degree?  How do YOU want to change the world?