I am responsible for various areas on campus: counseling services, enrollment, digital marketing, STEM, TRIO, Raider Center for Academic Success, the ESL department and student life.  These areas are each their own entity with separate goals and tactics to help move MSOE forward but one thing they have in common is a belief.  That belief is simple – The Students are MSOE’s brand.  Your voice, your actions, your outcomes make MSOE what it is today and play a role in helping MSOE to continue to be a positive place for impacting many student’s lives.

It is exciting to me to see student organizations like Student Government Association (SGA), Student Union Board (SUB), Residence Hall Association (RHA and Greek Council are creating a Student Leadership Council to come together to represent the student voice. If you have suggestions, ideas or questions, these are the organizations which provide a vehicle for your thoughts and desires to be expressed. Chances are others may have similar ideas and by working together many great things can take place and be realized on campus.

We are also fortunate to have Hub, where you can ask questions and provide ideas and thoughts about what types of campus activities and programming you would like to see MSOE provide. Hub is also great for cultivating collaboration and community among students, faculty and staff and provides a great way to connect with people on campus you may have never met!


This quarter has been amazing for me.  I love learning more about your interests and what energizes you.  I hope you continue to share your thoughts with me and the rest of the MSOE community.  You are MSOE’s brand and I want to make sure our brand is stronger than ever.


Are you involved in a student organization(s)?  Are they influencing how you would like? Who would you like to see come to campus to be a part of the MSOE speaker series?  Share your thoughts on what your student organization(s) has been talking about and how Student Life might be able to help.