The end of the quarter is here.  It always seems so daunting and then in a blink of an eye – we are at the end. Best of all, you made it!  You survived the quarter.  You made it through each and every syllabus that was before you and you figured out how to navigate to get to your end goal.  So what’s next?


For some of you, it is a week break and then you will head right back into the next quarter, where the process will begin again.  For others, you are walking across a stage to share with your family and friends your accomplishment – you are graduating!


When you start your college journey, it is hard to imagine how quickly it will go by.  You hear about it; but you can’t really wrap your head around it.  But then the schedule gets in your hands and you go heads down into the work.  And before you know it, you look up and the years have passed and you are at the end of this particular journey.


As we approach finals and then break week, take the time to celebrate your accomplishments of the last ten weeks.  You have done some amazing things; not only in the classroom but in life.  Enjoy the journey you have been on and whatever the next phase is, move forward with the positive energy that got you to where you are today.


I would like to encourage the graduating seniors to review the Graduation Checklist. The document is designed to make sure you have the information you need to transition from current student to proud alum.


Continued success to you all!


20140515 Mini Spring Graduation_29 (1).jpg