Are the bitter cold, biting wind, cloudiness, and dirty slush on the side of the road already getting old? Is simply going outside becoming more and more of a chore with each passing day? Do you just want to give up every time you go out and there’s ANOTHER layer of snow or ice caked on your car?

Most Milwaukeeans can agree that winter is, without a doubt, the most difficult season to get through. The cold forces us to stay inside most of the day, the sun rises later and sets earlier, and it is cloudy more often, reducing our exposure to the fresh air and sunlight and possibly negatively affecting our mood and motivation. However, seasoned survivors of this icy and blustery time of year can also agree that if they are able to keep themselves busy and warm, the season becomes exponentially more enjoyable and goes by a lot quicker than expected.

So, what are some ways you can beat the winter blues? Keep yourself busy with this collection of tips and before you know it, you’ll be drinking a Shamrock Shake and filling out your March Madness bracket!


1. SUB Zero Days

futurama.gifJoin MSOE’s Student Union Board for tons of events they’re hosting from now until January 31st. Tonight at 5 PM a bus is leaving from the CC that will be taking students to go snow tubing. If you didn’t get a chance to sign up for that, there are plenty of other events such as a movie night, laser tag, candle making, and the annual “Rave on Ice” coming up! Take an hour or two to treat yourself by going to one of these events and having some fun. And don’t forget that each event you attend earns you a raffle ticket for a 4K TV!

2. Sporting Events

Miss watching our lacrosse, rugby, and soccer teams play on Viets Field? Don’t forget about our winter sports teams! Almost every week there is at least one volleyball, basketball, wrestling, or hockey game going on in the Kern Center. In fact, there’s a hockey game coming up this Thursday at 6:30 PM. Our athletes love to see fellow students in the stands cheering them on, so bring your friends! Check out the event calendar to see when our teams play.

3. Hot Coffee

coffee.gifDid you know that our very own Skylight Marketplace on the 3rd floor of the CC is now selling fresh Colectivo coffee? Now you don’t have to travel miles from campus to get some of Milwaukee’s most famous and delicious java. Stop in and warm up with a cup, and maybe treat yourself to something sweet like a muffin or scone while you’re there.

4. Save a Snowball

With all the snow that just fell, now would be the perfect time to make some snowballs and put them in your freezer. Why? So you can (gently) surprise someone this spring when the snow is all gone!

5. Discover Milwaukee

Even though it’s cold and snowy outside, there are still plenty of things to do in the city!

Take a trip to the Milwaukee Art Museum. Remember that the first Thursday of every month is Target Free First Thursday, which means that on February 5th you can visit the museum all day free of charge! There is also Yoga @ the Museum, a great way to warm up and get your blood pumping, coming up on January 24th.

Visit the Mitchell Park Conservatory, better known as The Domes. Even just for a little while you can escape Milwaukee’s sometimes unforgiving climate and pretend you’re in a hot desert oasis or a humid tropical rainforest. Remember that you can purchase discounted bus tickets from Student Life in the CC!

Grab a discounted ticket voucher for an Admirals game or a Marcus Theatre movie from Student Life!


There’s always something to do in this city and, thanks to Student Life and all our wonderful student organizations, right here at MSOE. Sometimes, especially in the winter, it just takes a bit of detective work to find something you like. I hope this blog entry is at least a little encouraging and helpful for all you who feel somewhat bogged down by the cold and snow. Even though it really doesn’t seem like it at the moment, remember that it WILL eventually warm up. Meanwhile, spend some time having fun outside of your dorm, apartment, or house; it’s extremely important for your physical, emotional, and mental health!