I hope you all had a relaxing break and are feeling refreshed and ready for your new classes. Luckily, we’ve been granted some gorgeous weather just in time! It got up to almost 50 degrees yesterday, and today is supposed to be even warmer. Isn’t it heartening to step outside and feel a gentle sunbeam on your face rather than an icy blast of wind?

How I feel every year when Spring comes around.

There are so many events coming up that I would like to encourage you to take part in to get yourself pumped up and ready for spring. MSOE’s annual St. Pat’s Week starts this Friday with the Egg Drop Competition at 12 PM in the Werwath Mall! Next week is also full of fun St. Pat’s-themed events such as a carnival, the “Engineering O’lympics,” a costume contest, and so much more.

I’d also like to encourage you to go outside before, in between, or after your classes one of these days and take a walk. Whether it be with a friend or alone, and whether it be for a mile or simply around the block, there is almost nothing better than getting some fresh spring air after a long, cold winter. Milwaukee is a beautiful city; get out of your room and experience it!

Thank you for reading my post. Have a great first week and enjoy this beautiful weather!