The NEW Career Net (powered by Experience) has been in full force since fall 2013!  To create an account, go to if you have not already done so.


Career Net allows you to post resumes, create a professional profile, search jobs, participate in on-campus interview opportunities, and more!  ANYONE wishing to access job descriptions, participate in on-campus interviews, connect with employers, etc. must have an ACTIVE account in the NEW Career Net.  An Active account means you have not only uploaded (& published) your resume, but you have completed a profile as well.


Don’t delay!  Employers are already searching profiles in the system, and on-campus interviews are occurring now.  Don’t miss out on internships, coop, or full-time employment opportunities.


Questions about the NEW Career Net?  Contact us at 414-277-7120. If you already have an ACTIVE account please disregard this message. If you have an account but have not created a profile you may follow this link,