Another great etiquette tip from Culture and Manners Institute!

I have a friend who is handsome, charming, successful, extremely intelligent, well read, well mannered… and he is terrified of social situations. The idea of walking into any room and talking to strangers -- well, he'd rather die.

Learning to network doesn't mean everyone has to transform into this outgoing, "Hey, howya' doin'" life-of-the-party person.

If you are a shy, introverted person, you can leverage that natural shyness.

Have a few open-ended questions to ask people you meet. That requires minimal talk on your part and will endear you to others. When you are not much of a talker, the simplest question is, “Tell me about yourself.” The best networkers are listeners, not talkers.

The other thing you can do as a shy person is learn to make introductions. That allows you to stand back while others talk, but still score big points. The most popular person at any party is not the person who tells the best jokes, it's the person who introduces people to each other.

So if you are shy, don't go changing. Get out there and network.

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