Please read about this great opportunity from Robert Schmitt, MSOE Senior M.E. student:


I am looking for one or two fellow students to be part of my amateur racing team for the remainder of this summer. I would like to send this opportunity to all the engineering students. The position will be unpaid, but meals and transportation will be provided. I have previously been my entire team for most races, but this year I am both racing and instructing in the high performance driving education program, which means I have little time between sessions on track. The class I run is called Spec E30 and the organization is the National Autosport Association(NASA). I am the reigning Midwest region champion and hold the official lap record at Road America.


This is a good opportunity to network with other engineers and introduce yourself to some of the Midwest's semiprofessional racing teams such as Fall line, Accumoto, VFC Engineering, and Mueller Motorwerks.   It is of course an opportunity to watch some sports car racing from up close. 


The ideal candidate would be someone interested in a career in auto racing who desires to learn as much about it as possible. They should have experience working on cars, be able to lift over 50 pounds, and be willing to get their hands dirty.  First preference will be given to a candidate with a commercial drivers license or verifiable experience towing a large trailer. They should be willing to spend long days in the hot sun, sleep in a tent(your own), and go on long road trips.


Primary Duties Include:

  • Changing wheels, pads and rotors
  • Performing fuel calculations and refueling
  • Performing camber and toe measurements and adjustments
  • Taking tire pyrometer and pressure measurements
  • Adjusting tire pressures
  • Refilling driver cooling and hydration systems
  • Photography and management of on-board cameras
  • Data analysis and coding(Lua)
  • Radio spotting
  • Towing(if qualified)
  • Tool and equipment loading and cleanup
  • Making coffee
  • Other unexpected vehicle maintenance
  • Wiring and soldering

Anyone interested must be available the following dates. It is unlikely that I will be attending the last two events since I am also a full time student.

June 26-28, 2015
Gingerman (Crossover) South Haven, MI

July 17-19, 2015
National Corvette Museum (Crossover) Bowling Green, KY

July 31-2, 2015
Road America (Crossover) Elkhart Lake, WI

September 3-6, 2015
Championships VIR  Alton, VA

September 19-20, 2015
Autobahn (Crossover) Joliet, IL

October 2-4, 2015
Mid-Ohio (Crossover) Lexington, OH


Robert Schmitt

Senior M.E. Student


If you are interested, please email Robert at




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