We communicate all day long. But do we know how to communicate for the results we want? Very few things in life are more important than effective communication skills. Especially in the interview process.

Some key takeaways form this webinar:

* Why effective communication is the most important factor in job-seeking and overall success
* Successful communication including non-verbal and body-language
* Using the CHART method through the job-seeking process to greatly increase your likelihood of success.

Why should you know the CHART Process?
* Companies looking to hire and hiring managers are first and foremost looking to build successful professional relationships.
* Without trust, there is no relationship AND without effective communications, there is no trust.
* By following the CHART process, job seekers will position themselves for greater success.

Our presenter is Moe Glenner.  Called by Bloomberg BusinessWeek, "a top business thinker on management trends and issues", Moe is a dynamic leadership and motivational speaker. As a Professional GA pilot, Moe has created the Leadership Takeoff (Be the Pilot in Command! ™) series of personal and professional leadership keynotes, breakouts and workshops designed to bring out the best.

All this and more in an exciting fast paced presentation.


Title:  Job Seeker Webinar: Communicating For The Offer & Success In The Workplace

Date:  Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Time:  1:00 PM - 1:45 PM CDT



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