Questions To Ask On An Interview To Get Hired NOW!

December 2, 2015   




You have an interview! HOWEVER, do you know what to say when the employer asks you if you have any questions?

If you don't have any, you just proved to the interviewer that you are AN EXPENSE and therefore your chances of getting an offer decreased to about ZERO.

So we have to ask questions, but which ones will impress the employer to prove we are AN INVESTMENT (probably getting an offer) VS. AN EXPENSE ("Next").

In this webinar we will discuss the most effective questions to ask on an interview.

* How to make this a "home run" for job seekers
* How to prove to the employer you are an investment vs. an expense
* Questions to make the interview a "conversation vs. an interrogation"
* The "Jaw question" to get the employer asking you, "When can you start?"
* The "Parrot question" showing the employer you will be one of the best they've ever hired.
* How to have more confidence and beat your competition

Our presenter, Bill Lins CPC, has consulted thousands of job seekers' along with assisting hundreds of corporations concerning hiring top talent in his over 25 years in the employment consulting profession. He has appeared on CBS, ABC, NBC, CNN and Fox networks concerning employment strategies and trends and as a Certified Personnel Consultant is ranked among the top 2% in the employment profession.

Title: Job Seeker Webinar: Questions to Ask On An Interview To Get An Offer NOW

Date: Wednesday, December 2, 2015
Time: 1:00 PM - 1:40 PM CST



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