How do I change the license server information for Ansys 14.0?

Version 2
    1. Go under the START button and choose ALL PROGRAMS, then ANSYS 14.0, then click on the ANSYS LICENSING FOLDER, then click on Client ANSLIC_ADMIN Utility 14.0.
    2. On the next screen below, click on the SPECIFY THE LICENSE SERVER MACHINE button located in the middle of the column of buttons.
    3. On the next screen that appears below, highlight the line that shows the ports and license server and then click on the button below that says EDIT SELECTED SERVER MACHINE.
    4. On the final screen that appears below, change the HOSTNAME 1 to be then click the OK button.
    5. Close out of the remaining open windows and try to open Ansys 14.0. You should be able to obtain a license.