Career Fair Success Strategies

Version 1

    The Career Fair is coming up this Friday, October 11th.  Here are some strategies for your success:


    1) Prior to the fair, research the companies that will be in attendance and select at least 5 that you are definitely interested in.  The list can be found at


    2) Create a customized resume for each of those companies, incorporating the company name into the objective if you use one.

    3) Bring 10+ copies of a generally applicable resume that you can use for any other companies that you talk to (the specific number will depend on how much time you can spend at the fair).

    4) When you arrive at the fair, speak with 1-3 companies that may potentially interest you, but that are not your top 5+. This will get you warmed up, confident talking about yourself, and comfortable with the information exchange process with the recruiters.

    5) Speak to the 5+ companies that you are definitely interested in.

    6) Walk around the entire fair and speak to as many other companies as time allows. Perhaps the company display catches your attention and you want more information. Perhaps you have never heard of the company and/or they were not included in the list of attendees that was published prior to the fair.

    7) Make sure you get business cards or contact information from everyone you spoke to, and send thank you notes/cards to the ones with which you had a positive interaction and/or are very interested in.

    8) Don't be alarmed or off-put if the recruiters aren't collecting paper resumes and simply direct you to apply on their website. Use that opportunity to network with the recruiters and garner "inside" information that you can use to customize the resume with which you will apply online. Use the conversation to determine if the company will be a good fit. Get business cards, and follow up after you apply online.


    Contact the MSOE Career Services Office if you have any questions about career fair success or follow up.


    MSOE Career Services

    1025 N. Broadway (CC-370)