Creating a Slideshow in a Group or Space

Version 1

    Having a slideshow in your group or space will allow you to host up to 20 pictures at a time within that particular slideshow.  You can have multiple slideshows at the same time; however, each set of 20 pictures will need to be set up separately.


    To create a slideshow in a group or space, you must first:

    1. Log in to Hub

    2. Be an administrator of the group or space.  If you are not an administrator, you will need to contact for additional information


    Once you are an administrator of the group or space:

    1. Go to the group or space in which you want to have the slideshow present.

    2. Click on Manage in the upper right-hand corner of the screen.  Please note you will not see this option if you are not an administrator.

    3. Under Manage, a drop down menu will appear.  Choose Overview Page from the options.

    4. A light blue window will appear.  You will have the option to choose a Widget.  Under the Widget options, choose Other.

    5. A list of widgets will appear.  In this list, choose Slideshow Carousel.

    6. A preview of the widget will appear to the right, in the blue box.  To add it to your page, click on the green button Drag to Add and then     drag it to the location you would like the widget to appear.  Please note the widget must have a large enough space to be accommodated.


    To edit the widget:

    1. Once the Slideshow Carousel widget has been placed where you would like it to appear, click on the little gray arrow, located in the            upper right-hand corner of the widget.

    2. You will see three options under this arrow: Edit, Maximize/Minimize or Remove this widget.  Choose Edit.

    3. Under the Edit option, you can:

         a. Name your carousel -- This defaults to Slideshow Carousel.  You will want to change this to something more meaningful to the    audience.

         b. Choose the amount of time the picture will appear -- this defaults to 5 seconds which is appropriate in most cases.

         c. Choose if the pictures will rotate on their own.  This defaults to Yes, and is typical of a user expectation.

    4. Once you have determines your edit choices, click on Save Properties.



    To add pictures to the slideshow:

    1. Once the Slideshow Carousel widget has the properties saved, you can begin to add Slides/Pictures.

    2. Click on Add a new slide in the widget window.

    3. You will need to fill in the following required fields:

         a. Provide a Target Link: This is sharing a URL that you would like the user to click on, if they are interested.

         b. Slide Caption: the Target Link will automatically fill in here. Enter what small caption if you would rather the target link not appear.

         c. Include an image: the picture needs to be saved to a computer or device.  You will not be able to pull directly from a website.

         d. Hover Text: this is copy that will appear when a user hovers over the picture

         e. Click Save.

    4. Repeat these steps until you have uploaded all of the pictures you would like to have as a part of the slideshow.  You can have up to 20 pictures in a given slideshow.