How do I upload a profile picture?

Version 1

    A profile picture allows others to see who you are and what your interests may be.  Your picture should be appropriate and MSOE has the right to remove a picture it deems inappropriate.


    1. Click on your name in the upper right corner of the screen when you are logged into Hub.

    2. Choose Change picture and avatar from the drop down menu

    3. Click on Add photo

    4. Click on Choose File and upload a picture from your computer

    5. Click Upload and Continue

    6. You will have the option to crop the photo. Click Crop photo once the picture is set how you would like it to be seen.

    7.You will have the option to have the picture you uploaded to be your avatar.  If you would like the profile picture to be your avatar, click on YES under Update Avatar, which will be to the right of your new profile picture.

    8. Click on Finish.