How do I email the members in my social group or space?

Version 1

    Before following these steps, please note that you must be an administrator of the group before you will be able to access these permissions. If you are not an administrator, please see the How do I join an existing group? instructions.


    For Social Groups (the purple icons)

    • Log in to Hub
    • Click on My Hub
    • Click on the Places tab
    • Choose the group you are looking to email. 
    • Click on Manage
    • Choose Members from the drop down
    • Within Members, you will see a "Send email to group" on the right-hand side.  Click to send an email.
    • Within the email, fill in Subject and Message. 

    This is plain text.  We have a request to the vendor to see what options we could have in the future.


    For Spaces (the yellow icons)

         There is no formal way to send out an email from a space.  However, if members follow the space, they will receive updates as they are made.  These updates will go into their Hub Inbox unless they have changed their settings to trigger an email to their preferred email account.