How to connect your devices in CC-36 Offices

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    The offices numbered 36A through 36E in the CC building do not have power-over-ethernet to the network jacks in the rooms. To accommodate the new Cisco phones, we have provided POE injectors that plug into a nearby outlet and provide power to the phone. These must be arranged properly to work. Below is a connection order for occupants in these offices to use their Cisco phones and laptops.


    • From the network wall plate, use port A
    • From port A, connect with a network cable to the Data port on the POE injector
    • From the Data & Power port on the POE injector, connect with a network cable to the Network port on the Cisco phone
    • From the Computer port on the Cisco phone, connect with a network cable to the LAN port on your laptop


    This order must be correct for the phone and laptop to both work correctly. You may also use MSOE wireless on the laptop. One-time cables for all these stages have been provided. If you lose or misplace a cable, please contact the Helpdesk (x7288) for a new network cable.


    If you have any questions, please open a ticket at