CLOSED: Margarian Scholarship, Due on 6-30-14

Version 2

    From the scholarship website: "The purpose of this scholarship is to reward a select number of deserving students for their academic and personal achievements. You will notice that the application is simple and broadly designed to give you the opportunity to present the reasons as to why you are one of those deserving individuals. In addition to academic accomplishments, I am seeking candidates who have demonstrated a commitment to their heritage, community and society. Persistence, dedication, idealism, perseverance, success and humility are just some of the characteristics which I had in mind when designing this scholarship. Note that this scholarship will not be determined solely on the basis of G.P.A. or economic hardship. I am seeking the most deserving candidate based on a multitude of factors."


    To apply, please see the application here.


    Best of luck to all who apply!