appeal to ticket No.6618

Version 1

    Hello; my name is Nenad Radulovic

    I am writing an appeal to a parking violation ( No.6618) date 8-12-14 time 5.46 pm. ( Broadway Lot)

    I had no permit present in my wifes vehicle at the time. I do have a permit, but I keep it in my Vw Routan ( minivan). Earlier in the day , I cracked my windshield loading lumber ( my mistake). So I took my vehicle home and borrowed my wifes vehicle to drive to school. I forgot to get the parking permit,running late and calling the public safety dept. to make arrangements slipped my mind. I did, file an appeal in writing, but I have sloppy handwriting, thought this would be easier for you to read.

    So that is the sum of it, my apologies. I would be gratefull, if this ticket could be recinded

    Nenad Radulovic