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    Recently, my mother came to live with us in Franklin.  She is 94 years old, in good health and mentally alert, though her memory isn't what it used to be. My husband is still working and I'm retired, so I'm very busy with caregiving during the day. It hasn't been easy, but it's working out well for all. The difficulty is that we have family responsibilities in another part of the state on one weekend a month.  Then we need to go out of town and provide a caregiver for Mom.  The time frame encompasses Saturday, including overnight, and Sunday.  We would return Sunday afternoon.  The job entails basically fixing and serving breakfast lunch, and dinner for Mom and getting her cranberry juice, apple slices, or other snacks.  She gets up in the morning, goes to the bathroom, and goes to bed independently. She uses a walker, as arthritis in her knees limits her movements. The caregiver would have a room of her own with a futon (made up with sheets and blankets) to sleep on.  The meals are simple and I would have something made ahead of time.  We're willing to pay generously for what we consider an important job. What we're looking for is a good worker who is both reliable and caring and who appreciates the value and dignity of an older person. We hope to find someone like that among your fine students. Contact: Mary Brittnacher 414-421-3286