Tech Needed

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                          THE TECH                                                                                                                                              YOU WILL BE GREAT AT D&B IF:                                                      You have never met a simulator you can’t fix!                              You know the “Latest in Technology” and love                                introducing these games to our guests!                                      You strive to enhance the guests game experience                            by offering player tips, introducing new games                              and assisting in billiard/shuffleboard.                                    You like working with millions of dollars worth                            of the greatest games.                                                      You have a friendly, engaging style that our                                guests would enjoy!                                                        You are able to talk to the “Less Tech Savvy” in                            a way that inspires fun.                                              DAY IN THE LIFE...                                                                When you wake up, going to work actually sounds                            like it could be cool!                                                      Dress the part – Cool dress guidelines that you                            won’t be embarrassed to wear!                                              Come in, clock in and join the fun!                                        Look for moments to surprise and amaze our guests                           by connecting them with D&B fun!                                            We work hard and we play hard, so when you need                            it – take a break!                                                          Back to the floor, showing endless fun!                                    The night’s over – lock up the tools, high five a                           manager, clock out and call it a day!                                SCHEDULE                                                                          Prime time is money time - Nights and weekends                              are the name of the game!                                                  Social Butterfly? Enjoy schedule flexibility.                                                                                  D&B Location                                                                                  Wauwatosa, WI                                            LocationAddress                                                                              2201 North Mayfair Road                                  Location City                                                                                Wauwatosa                                                Location State                                                                                WI                                                        Location Zip                                                                                  53226                                                    Job Status                                                                                    Part Time                                                Positions Remaining                                                                          1                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Candidates can apply at They need to go to the bottom of the page and click carreers. Then, click, search openings. In category pick, store hourly, and location, Wauwatosa. After, find Support Technician in the list of available jobs and follow the instructions for creating a new profile and so forth.