Musician Looking for Assistance

Version 1

    Hello, retired musician (living on campus, jefferson and milwaukee) needs help burning c.d.s from recent studio recording. students that have helped in the past have graduated last semester. I can be reached at or (414) 233-5073. I will pay cash $15.00 for 25 copies. (I supply all the blanks and the recent recorded disc).   Also my person who designed the c.d. covers moved to the u.k sooo if you can layout a basic cover with the songs on the back I can pay cash for that also. fyi  this is my 4th c.d. and I will be back in the studio in 3 months to do a more in depth album. drum machine, piano, guitar, harmonica and will need copies and jewel case covers for that also. thanks , Michael Yanko    415 E. Knapp st. # 140