Borrowing From Other Libraries

Version 6

    At the Walter Schroeder Library, we make every effort to provide you with access to the information you need. If we do not own what you are looking for, the following services are set up to accommodate your needs.


    Interlibrary Loan (ILL)

    Interlibrary Loan is a service that allows us to obtain materials that you need from other libraries. We have an online system called ClioWeb for ILL requests.

    Use ClioWeb to:

    • Place requests for books, articles and other library materials not available in our collections
    • Check the status of current ILL requests
    • View past ILL borrowing history
    • Keep track of due dates and request renewals for ILL materials


    Log into ClioWeb to request ILL materials


    Please remember to plan ahead as it may take time to obtain the material.

    Please do not use ClioWeb for requesting codes and standards. Please use the Standard Request Form

    For more information on Interlibrary Loan, please read the ILL policies.



    InfoPass allows you obtain materials directly from other Milwaukee area libraries. In order to borrow materials from other local libraries, you must first request an InfoPass from a librarian. Reference staff will help determine a location and availability of needed material.

    The following rules apply:

    • The needed material cannot be in the MSOE collection.
    • Only three items may be obtained using InfoPass.
    • The INFOpass must be completed at MSOE PRIOR to going to the holding library.
    • The lending library may impose daily fines for overdue InfoPass material. Please abide by all loan parameters. MSOE has agreed to bill borrowers for non-returned InfoPass material.


    Cooperative Lending Libraries

    MSOE has a cooperative lending program with the Medical College of Wisconsin. With a valid MSOE ID, you are able to get a special borrower’s card from the Medical College that allows you to check out books from their general collection. In exchange for this privilege, we allow faculty, students and staff from the Medical College access to our collection.