CLOSED: College Seniors: $30,000 Stipend + Masters Degree, Woodrow Wilson STEM Teaching Fellowships - DUE February 26th, 2017

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    The Woodrow Wilson Teaching Fellowship seeks to attract talented, committed individuals with backgrounds in the STEM fields—science, technology, engineering, and mathematics—into teaching in high-need secondary schools in Georgia and New Jersey. The Fellowship has also prepared over a thousand teachers in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Eligible applicants include current undergraduates, recent college graduates, midcareer professionals, and retirees who have majored in, or have extensively studied, one or more of the STEM fields.

    The Fellowship also works to change the way top teachers are prepared, partnering with colleges and universities that have agreed to provide Fellows with innovative, year-long classroom experiences, rigorous academic work, and ongoing mentoring.



    The Teaching Fellowship includes:

    • admission to a master's degree program at a partner university
    • preparation for teacher certification in science, mathematics or technology education
    • extensive preparation for teaching in a high-need urban or rural secondary school for one full year prior to becoming the teacher-of-record in a science or math classroom
    • a $30,000 stipend, with tuition arrangements varying by campus in Georgia and New Jersey. (Once Fellows are certified teachers at the end of the first year, they obtain salaried employment in high-need schools.)
    • support and mentoring throughout the three-year teaching commitment
    • support of a cohort of WW Fellows passionate about science and math education
    • lifelong membership in a national network of Woodrow Wilson Fellows who are intellectual leaders


    As part of their commitment to ensuring the success of students in high-need secondary schools, Fellows teach for at least three years in an urban or rural school district. Continuation as a teacher of record is contingent on the Fellow's completing the master's degree and obtaining appropriate teaching licensure.


    For more information and to apply, please click HERE.