Summer Job Opportunity - Reabe Spraying Service, Inc.

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    5498 Taft Ave.
    PLOVER, WI 54467
    E-MAIL – Roy Reabe for instructions on applying.<>
        Reabe Spraying Service, Inc. is one of the largest aerial application services in the Midwest.  Ground support personnel positions are available in Wisconsin at our Plover and Plainfield locations.  We employ approximately 12 seasonal personnel for our summer crop protection season.  In past years, these people who have worked full time the entire season have generally earned $7,000 - $12,000 in a 3 month period.  A two summer commitment is required.

    GENERAL JOB DESCRIPTION:  An individual in this position would be responsible for all tasks necessary to accomplish an efficient and safe manner of support to our aircraft.  These duties could include but would not be limited to the following:
    ---Mixing, loading, transporting, storage and inventory of agricultural chemicals and their containers.
    ---Safe operation of vehicles including pickup trucks, straight trucks and forklifts at the operation sites.
    ---Temporary field marking of crops to be treated.
    ---Repair and general preventative maintenance on equipment, vehicles and facilities.


    REQUIREMENTS:  At least 18 years of age
                                    Valid driver’s license
                                    2 season commitment < >
                                    Ability to tip and roll 30 gallon barrels
                                    Ability to read, write, and speak English fluently
            A pre-employment and random drug test

    TRAINING & SAFETY INFORMATION:  RSS, Inc. will provide agricultural testing material and state required licenses.  CDL training and licensing will be made available to those who need it.  Safety equipment and training will be provided in groups as well as one-on-one training sessions.

    WORK SCHEDULE:  The working season can be adjusted for the college bound employee.  The work week is normally Monday –Saturday, made up of fluctuating hours with overtime the norm.

    PAYROLL:  Employees are paid weekly by the time clock hour.  Any time over 40 hrs. per week is paid at 1&1/2 times the base pay rate.

    LIVING ACCOMMODATIONS:  Sleeping quarters may be available to those without other housing options.