Part-time job opportunity - work remotely from home

Version 1

    Chewz Brands produces two energy supplement product lines: ZAP Dip and ZAP Cubez. Our website is We just launched our website January 8, 2016 and having selling our products on Amazon since August 2015.

    We need help in building our brand awareness and get more people to try our products. Our energy products are geared towards adults who are over worked and over tired. We wanted to first appeal to the college market because we know how active college students are with their late night studies, training in sports and their overall social activities.

    Our first goal is to reach as many colleges through their websites to post for a Social Media Saavy college student who can balance working for us while keeping up with their college commitments. Students would be paid 10% commission for every product sold and if they inspire their peers to also become our brand marketers, they would receive 1% of their sales as well.

    We feel this is a great opportunity to give students a real life experience on entrepreneurship, using their social media skills in communicating and writing compelling content to promote our company name and product. Students can work remotely from the comforts of their dorm, home or anywhere they have access to Internet.

    If interested, email Lisa M Pavia at: