Don't forget to sign up for the Admirals Hockey Game hosted by the YMG this Friday.  There will be a meal at the Loaded Slate at 5pm and after the meal the YMG will be heading over to the Admirals Hockey Game.  The cost for the event is $23 and this includes both the meal and the ticket to the hockey game.  Registration for this event closes on this Wednesday so make sure to sign up because this will be a great networking event.  If you have any questions or want to sign up for the event email Chad Shihata at

Next week during our weekly Monday Meeting we will be having a speaker.  The guest speaker will be Annicka Schuller-Rach and she is a project manager with Opus Group and will be presenting on sustainability.  Also you will be able to get GE Hours for this event if you attend the presentation.  Make sure to invite others outside of our organization that want to learn more about sustainability.  If you have any questions about this presentation please let me know at

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