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The Biomedical Engineering Society. Here at BMES we eat, sleep, and breath biomedical engineering. Whether it's getting to know your fellow classmates, upperclassmen, your BE professors, or BE alumni, BMES will enhance your address book with important contacts. We also schedule industry visits and tours. Sure we keep it professional, but we also take it easy with Halloween and spring party gatherings. President: Raymond Doudlah Vice President: Colin Kenow Secretary: Kaitlynn RIley Treasurer: MacKensie Mezzano Publicity: Michael Van Alstyne Adviser: Dr. Tritt

Owned by:Kaitlynn Riley, MacKensie Mezzano, Michael Van Alstyne, Charles Tritt, Devon Lantagne
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Created:September 9, 2013 9:28:15 AM
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