Jill Vande Boom


Posted by Jill Vande Boom Oct 14, 2013

For all you who could not make it to the Wisconsin ASPE Chapter meeting this past Tuesday here is a comment from one of the students that attended.

"It was a good experience. They had a presentation on BIM modeling and how it is changing the way people can do things. How people can work in the same drawing and not having to x reference other drawings into theirs. It allows to look at the whole building and see if things are colliding with each other and how to avoid instead of looking at two different drawings like what most people do now. They talked about how using the cloud to save the projects on takes up less space and can allow for faster and multiple renderings. It was very informative and I thought it was worth going to as it only cost 5 dollars and you get food and experience while also being able to network with other professionals."
I truly believe these meeting are a great opportunity to get out and network. You will also get to learn about the new updates in the construction industry. Then you can plan accordingly to make sure you will be the candidate they are looking to hire.