Our post for this week is on athletics.  Athletics have long had a place at MSOE.  Here are a few pages from Rise to Success through Electricity: A Photo Story of the Milwaukee School of Engineering that highlight athletics at the School in the 1930s.





Our final St. Pat's post is on the dinner/dance tradition.  Here are a few photographs from the dinners and dance events in 1949 and 1950.   



1949 St. Patrick's Day Dinner



St. Pat's Dinner and Dance 1950. 


St. Pat's Dinner 1950. 

One of the longest running events that takes place during St. Pat's Week is the Proclamation Signing.  Each year MSOE's President signs control of the School to the year's chosen St. Patrick (or King Patrick in some earlier years).  Here are some scans of the proclamations and photographs of the event. 



  A proclamation to name the Knight of King Patrick, 1947. 



Proclamation for St. Patrick from 1951.



President Karl Werwath signing the Proclamation for St. Patrick in 1952 and St. Patrick and his court taking over a class in 1952. 



President Karl Werwath signing the Proclamation in 1958.  

Have you seen a lot of faculty or staff wearing red or orange this week?

The tradition of the Orangemen (or Fir Darrig)— faculty and staff ‘disrupting’ the St. Pat’s festivities— dates back to the mid-1960s when a group of faculty members got together to ‘get back’ at the mischievous St. Pat and his court.


The tradition of St. Pat’s has seen some ups and downs over the years, but it was revived in the late 1980s as the lighthearted celebration we know today.


This flyer (distributed to faculty and staff in 1991) succinctly describes the evolution of St. Pat’s week here at MSOE.


Orangemen History 1991 St Pats Collection.jpg

Happy St. Patrick's Day!


All this week we will be sharing items from the St. Patrick's Day Celebrations Collection (MSOE AC9). Today we are sharing some flyers, pamphlets and correspondence notes on the events held during St. Pat's Week.



A 1934 letter from the Saint Patrick's Day Committee of the School of Engineering Branch of the AIEE describing the planned celebration.



The Blarney Stone from 1972.




Also attached are issues of the Leprechaun from 1989 and 1999.   

Today’s Throwback Thursday comes from the March 1987 issue of the Ingenium (Volume 8, number 3, page 9). Use these engineering horoscopes to predict your potential for good luck next week during the St. Pat’s Festivities!


…And stay tuned: we’re posting a different St. Pat’s image from the Archives every day next week!


Ingenium March 1987 V8N3P9--Horoscopes.jpg