Our archives includes equipment and apparatuses that have been used in courses to help students learn.  One of our favorite items is a giant slide rule.  Slide rules were frequently used for science and engineering equations up until schools began using the scientific calculator around 1974.


Here's a picture from 1943 where students are using the slide rule to solve a problem. 



Here's the same slide rule used by our library students employees today. 



Thanks Dylan Havemeyer, Julian Christiansen, and Ayushman Rai for posing for this picture.  

This Throwback Thursday we thought we'd give you a fun math problem -just in case you miss math during the short break.  This exercise is from a 2005 MSOE publication called Brain Waves, a collection of Mathematical Intuition & General Information.   Post your answer below and show off your brain waves!



Happy Throwback Thursday, MSOE!

In the true spirit of the Throwback Thursday trend, here is a picture of our beloved Roscoe Raider from 1993.  Much to the relief of Roscoe fans today, he is not sporting fluorescent colors, acid-washed jeans, or slouch socks (although, admittedly, that would be mega radical).

MSOE officially became the ‘Raiders’ in 1993, after a committee of students, staff, and faculty voted on their favorite nickname for the school.  Roscoe was later chosen from a pool of sketch submissions from MSOE associates. Originally, he sported a red coat and blue pants. Today he wears a tasteful ensemble of a red coat and forest green pants.

Scroll down for the article from Ingenium (September 1993) which describes the decision process. The black and white image of Roscoe is the one from the front page mentioned in the article.

Later, Dudes!


Throwback Roscoe x 2.jpg

Throwback Roscoe 02.jpg

Today’s Throwback Thursday comes from a 1918 issue of Electroforce—a publication which included articles written by area electrical engineers and news from the School of Engineering of Milwaukee. 


The first female teacher hired by the School of Engineering was Esther H. Shapiro.  She was hired to teach math after receiving her B.A. in mathematics and a teaching certificate from the University of Wisconsin. Esther H. Shapiro taught at the School of Engineering from 1918 until 1923.


She was very active in Milwaukee area Jewish women’s organizations, and her papers are housed at the Jewish Museum of Milwaukee.