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Last weekend the MSOE Amateur Radio Club put MSOE on the map by participating in a North American amateur radio contest.  The object of the contest was to make as many contacts with other amateur radio operators in North America as possible.  Most of the club members that participated had never competed in Radiosport type operation.  It was a learning experience.  The MSOE club was in competition with other universities in North America.  Here is how it works.  When we hear other stations calling we answer them.  If they acknowledge us we send them a specific exchange of information.  They would then acknowledge that they received the message and send us their message. This would count for 1 contact.  Our group made 218 contacts.  Scores are calculated by the number of contacts made times the number of different states worked.  Our contacts will be submitted to The American Radio Relay League (ARRL) and scores will be published in the future.

You must have a valid FCC license to operate a radio transmitter in the amateur radio bands.

Here is a list of the participants and their call letters.

Max KC9YZX, Cat KC9IBZ, Dan KC9ZGW, Adam KC9ZQJ, Rich AA9L, Jake KC9OSU, Brandon KE5WOR, Jim KC9TZO, Jack W9ULA and Brenden KC9CMP.


73, Rich


    Jake KC9OSU                                                            Brandon KE5WOR