First of all, thank you to all who took the time out of their day to come and contribute to our ideas.  Specifically thank you to AJ, Sam, Dylan, Hardip and Louis; had you not shown up this group might not have taken off!  I was also very impressed that everyone spoke their mind and were engaged for the duration of the meeting, if we can keep that going then there is no doubt in my mind that we can do great things!  But back to business...


It was mentioned that the Hub was an ineffective/dreaded means of communication among us yesterday.  With that in mind, it is currently the best solution for me to get information to you guys and prospective members/talent, and the email I get email notifications whenever someone tries to contact me, or posts on our page, is very convenient.  It is for those reasons that I ask, at least only temporarily, that you folks get a little involved with the Hub page.  Please comment on our posts, participate in the polls, ask questions, and make questions of your own.  It may be arduous now and beneficial now, but the new blood that comes here next year seems to have taken to the hub and I'd like to include them as part of our target audience.  Your involvement with our Hub page is however not mission critical, in my opinion, and if you think a better use of your time would be to investigate technologies or formulate ideas then by all means don't force yourself to make posts if they'll be "just for the sake of doing them".  My last point on this topic is that I am working on a better means of communication/member acquisition.  A campus-wide email will likely be sent out Friday as that is when I am meeting with Mr. Gagliano to discuss the formalities/informalities of our organization.  That email is likely to include a link to our hub page, which is another motivation to make it pretty or enticing.


We are currently seeking an adivisor for our student org.  After our discussion yesterday the candidates that stick out in my mind our Dr. Livingston and Dr. Urbain.  They stand out both because of the recommendations I have received by other faculty in their favor and what they would bring to the table as our advisor(s).  I will be reaching out to them today to see if they are available/interested.


We need a constitution to officially become an student organization.  Originally I thought "OK lets get that out of the way quick and never look at it again", but after some thought and our discussion yesterday it seems like a good vehicle to introduce a little order and fun into our group.  All who showed up yesterday appeared competent and motivated, as our meetings progress we'll acquire more members and unfortunately even at an engineering school like ours incompetent and lazy members will be introduced (trust me, I've dealt with a few personally).  I will send out a link to the Google doc and ask a question on the Hub regarding our constitution; this will be your constitution, it would be beneficial to you to get involve with its creation!


My favorite part of the meeting was our discussion of the Hound game!  That got everyone talking and the ideas flowing.  I was impressed by the points many of you made regarding the development process and design decisions, and I hope you all continue to stay involved and play devil's advocate when necessary.  What was also awesome was that some of you seemed to like the idea of the game, and I would absolutely love it if we adopted it as one of our first projects!


Meeting times were discussed and as we found out, of all the rooms in the whole **** school I seemed to pick the one that someone was using during free hour, go figure.  For now, it looks like Mondays at 1 in CC47 will work, at least until we figure out a better time that coincides with those who weren't able to make it, and gain the benefit of room reservation for student orgs.


One thing that I think wasn't stressed enough during the meeting was the importance of the Midwest Game Development SummitThe potential benefits to our members/organization of attending/participating are simply too much to ignore, for me at least.  However, the timefame is a little disheartening.  I plan on doing my best to see at least one of our ideas become polished/developed enough to have something to showcase at the Summit, and I think it would be a fantastic goal for us to work towards as an organization.


Something I didn't talk about during the meeting was our affiliation with other organizations.  I think branching out somewhat and looking for talent at other schools we could source people that have skills in artistry or music that perhaps we couldn't find here with our highly technical students (note that I'm not saying MSOE students are incapable of excelling in those areas, but that it may be easier to acquire help from those who's career choice is in the arts field).  That said, there are groups internal to MSOE that may be able to partner with us, for example, I'm sure AE/CM, and ME's have some experience designing structures either on paper or with the aid of modelling software.


Last topic on my list related to our meeting yesterday, I'm almost done blabbing!  Kudos to Hardip and Dylan for stepping up and taking ownership of creation/distribution of our flyers!  Your involvement is definitely appreciated, and it got me thinking...  My nature is that I like to do everything.  The problems with that are that I do not have nearly enough time to do everything, and while I am great at many things, I'm not good at everything.  If my senior design team noticed my effort in was lacking due to the MGDC they might have me drawn and quartered!  Also, one of the many skills I believe a leader should have is the ability to delegate, and to help members use their talents in a manner that best benefits themselves and the organization.  That said, this organization needs your help and for you to get involved.  On any team I've been on lately (SDL, Senior Design) I've taken meeting minutes, kinda hard to do if it's my computer hooked up to the projector.  I generally love to take minutes because it keeps me focused during the meeting, and gives me an overall feel for how the projects are going as I record the minutes and prepare the agenda for the next meeting.  If anyone wants this responsibility, let me know!  As we grow I think we'll discover and create more useful roles for members to fill, let me know if you have an idea of a position you'd like to fill.


See you guys next time!